GOOD READ: Secrets from the Eating Lab by Traci Mann, Ph.D.

There’s so much great information in this book, I don’t know where to start…

Here’s a tidbit — Diets make us dumb! On a diet we’re so busy thinking about food and eating that we don’t perform tasks or process information well:

“These studies have shown that dieters cannot remember as many words or sentences as non-dieters, they can’t focus their attention on a task as long as non-dieters, and they react more slowly to stimuli when speed matters. In addition, and most important, dieters experience impaired central executive function… (interfering) with your ability to plan, make decisions and solve problems.”  p.56            You can get it here…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to stop obsessing over food and just get on with life?  With things that really matter to us?


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Free Workshop! Never Diet Again: 3 Secrets of Permanent Weight Loss

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Sandra Aamodt makes the case for not dieting — make that YOUR RESOLUTION too!

Watch this wonderful TED Talk by Sandra Aamodt.  She quit dieting and lost weight, but the big story is the back story...she explains how the body and brain react to dieting, and makes the case for Intuitive Eating.


Great article!  The writer is off to a wonderful start, and reading this would be a great foundation for anyone who wants to give Intuitive Eating a try.  

Why Intuitive Eating Could Change The World

By Kelsey Miller @mskelseymiller

I particularly appreciate her journalistic point of view, and the fine overview of the history of Intuitive Eating.  This is encouraging!!!


Holiday Survival Guide — How to ENJOY yourself without putting on pounds

Holiday FeastingIt’s always a bit of a surprise when I get back from a week at Mom’s and discover that I actually LOST weight between Christmas and New Years!  But it shouldn’t be…  Millions of people eat this way and don’t gain either.  Some of us have just forgotten how.

It’s never to late to reclaim the freedom and joy of Intuitive Eating! Click here to get your copy of my tips for this year’s feasting (and nibbling too!)

Photoshop, Reality, Self-Image

This isn’t new, but it’s still mind-blowing…see just how totally unreal are the images we’re bombarded with.  It’s no wonder so many of us are dissatisfied with our bodies!  Watch as the model is Photoshopped out of reality and into perfection.

Listen to Dr. Oz — Stop the Fat Talk!

I was sitting in the waiting room at the blood donation center when this came on the TV.

Dr. Oz talks about how distorted our body images have become, and his second guest, Dr Ramani Durvasula shares how damaging Fat Talk is and how terribly common…over 93% of us engage in it.   We tell ourselves, we’re too fat, we tell our friends we’re overweight, we tell our children they’re “husky”, “chunky”…  It all makes an impact, even well-meaning comments that seem mild become part of our identity.

Part of “Fat Talk” is rejecting positive compliments with negative replies…The best reply to a compliment is a simple “Thank You!”  … and allow the compliment to sink in without countering it.

Dr. Durvasula suggests that we have a Fat-Talk-Free Day (the Stop the F-Bomb Challenge) when we find something else to talk about with our friends…  But EVERY DAY should be Fat-Talk-Free.

She has 3 tips:

  • Think of 5 things about yourself that are positive
  • Pay compliments (to others and yourself) that have nothing to do with weight
  • Before you say something to yourself, think: “would I say this to my child”?  If not, don’t say it.  Improvement starts with self-love…

(There are 2 clips, be sure to hang in there through the ad to watch the second one.)

 Dr. Oz: 5 Mistakes Smart Women Make

I am now a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor!

I’m delighted to report that in August I fulfilled a long-time wish to become a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor!  My certification comes directly from Evelyn Tribole, co-author of the classic book on the subject:  Intuitive Eating, A Revolutionary Program that Works!  (If you haven’t read it, please do!  The Third Edition is a wonderful expansion on previous editions.)


And, I’m now listed in the directory at…check it out

Martha McGinnis

The Futility of Dieting

The video isn’t up yet, but there’s a wonderful blog article about a TED Talk by Sandra Aamodt.  She’s a neuroscientist who’s studied dieting and advocates Intuitive Eating instead.

The Apology to Dieters — Glad somebody did it!

Iris Higgins says it so well! There’s no excuse for encouraging people to diet — diets don’t work and it just creates misery and, often, weight gain. Check out her heart-felt apology here:

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